Equipment & Parts

Less Downtime

When it comes to car wash equipment, it is critical to limit the variables and use high quality materials that result in less downtime. At Simple Wash Solutions, we supply our car wash clients with the very best, high quality commercial car wash equipment available on the market.

Below are just some of the things you can expect from the brands we sell here at Simple Wash Solutions:

Every piece of equipment that is ordered through us is the highest quality and will increase your car wash profitability, guaranteed.

Tunnel Systems

If you’re searching for a car wash system that keeps cars moving quickly and delivers a deep clean, a tunnel may be your best option. Designed to move cars through in a timely manner, tunnel setups can wash, shine, wax and dry vehicles.

Here at Simple Wash Solutions, we sell tunnel systems from the top tunnel system manufacturers that are designed with innovative technology. In fact, those who we sell are award-winning for quality, durability and leading edge technology.

  • Simplicity in Motion – easy to adjust and maintain
  • Stainless Steel Construction – structural and aesthetic integrity for decades
  • Reliable Operation – minimal downtime
  • Better Customer Experience – easy loading and fast wash process

In-Bay Automatic (IBA) Systems

In-Bay Automatic car wash systems are appealing because of the smaller space and investment typically required.  You may be able to utilize existing buildings, such as a small gas station, or partner with a busy convenience store to add a car wash to their location.

SWS has teamed up with Petit Auto Wash to provide cutting edge IBA equipment, allowing for higher throughput, speed and clearance than ever thought possible.

  • 29 Cars Per Hour
  • 8 FT Clearance
  • 2-3 Minute Washes
  • Patented Vertical Vehicle Profiling
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are designed to move vehicles through a car wash to ensure the vehicle is in the right position at the right time during the wash process. The AVW belt conveyors we sell are designed for more control of the vehicle by carrying all four tires and offers fewer restrictions on the type of vehicle being washed.

Miscellaneous Parts & Equipment

In addition to tunnel, in-bay systems, and belt conveyors, we sell the following equipment:

  • Car wash pumps
  • Commercial car wash vacuum cleaners
  • High pressure nozzles
  • Chemicals & detergents
  • Chemical dispensing equipment
  • POS products
  • Signage
  • Chain and roller conveyors
  • And so much more!

Regardless of what equipment you have purchased, our network allows us to get parts for almost any manufacturer in the country.