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Simple Wash Solutions is your complete car wash resource. We exist to make starting and running your car wash company a smoother and easier process. We provide you with all the necessary resources you need to open your car wash business.

We understand that from the moment you have the idea of entering the car wash business, you need a team that can guide you. From site selection, city approval, construction drawings, equipment selection and installation, to marketing and public relations, we have the experts that will give your small business the best opportunity to stay in business.

We’re constantly monitoring chemicals and equipment at car wash facilities across the country, and analyzing the marketing ROI for our clients’ campaigns. We deal with employees and HR issues daily, and we hire, fire and train regularly. We have customers who demand our attention and equipment that breaks down. Contact us today for your free consultation and find out why we are the best.

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Years of Experience

At Simple Wash Solutions, we have over 50 years of car wash industry experience to ensure your car wash company gets off on the right foot. Whether you are a new investor, or a seasoned operator looking to make improvements, the experienced team at Simple Wash Solutions can help you every step of the way. We offer comprehensive services including building design and construction, equipment and chemical selection and installation, operational efficiencies, and marketing and development.

We also do things a little differently here at SWS – we’ve developed a unique tunnel layout based on tried and true operator experience for ease of service and maintenance. Along with offering service calls to reduce downtime, training courses and networking events, and marketing and development, we strive to be the very best in the industry.

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Areas of Expertise

Every piece of equipment we select for your business will be tailored to your company. We understand that no two car washes are alike; there are many different tiers of car washes and we’ll do everything we can to make your business a success.

We sell many different equipment manufacturers, all offering the best results as well as having reputations for being the most durable and reliable.

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